Do you even STREET?


StreetCarsMatter all started with a humerous hashtag...

Let me explain. In the summer of 2016 a famous TV show was blowing up and many of my friends and friends of friends were racers looking to get on the show, get their own show(which happened shortly after this), or were already the OG's racing the TV stars.

Being mostly a fly on the wall in many online discussions it was rare for me to jump in the BIG DOG discussions but one bickering match made me voice my opinion.

The big PRO-MOD vs STREET CAR debate was upon us and I was sick and tired of it. 

What happened to the common car guy with a REAL STREET CAR being happy and proud of their GARAGE BUILT machines?

So amidst all these guys and gals bickering over PRO-MODS and STREET CARS(that still were not real street cars) I chimed in with a simple "#STREETCARSMATTER #BECAUSESTREETCAR #FUCKYOURPROMOD #BRINGSTREETCARSTOTHEFRONT".

From there it was just a very catchy slogan that went no where for awhile. In March 2017 I took a trip to Houston for TX2K17, got some footage and had some badass times that I shared with very few on FB and by starting an IG page.

After rounding out 2017 with the end of a shitty relationship with a chick who said and I quote "You are just talk, you're never going to do the things you say you are" I started promoting #StreetCarsMatter and bought my ticket to TX2K18 where I met up with some BIG DOGS to film and participate in STREET CAR shenagans and I am not looking back!